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The pages of time are waiting.

The pen is in your hand

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The creed of the well traveled paladin

There is a big difference between “Standing against the darkness” and randomly murdering people you don’t agree with. Out here, in the world, things are not so black and white as they teach us. The choice you must make, is how dark a grey you are willing to accept, and how will you work to lighten it. There are other, better ways to bring light, than with a sword.

Breccia Silentstep

The Old Code

A knight is sworn to valour;
His heart knows only virtue;
His blade defends the helpless;
His might upholds the weak;
His word speaks only truth;
His wrath undoes the wicked.

A blessing for those who wander.

Safe journeys to you.
May the Moon, and Stars guide you carefully and true.
May the Trees never block your path, but give you shade and comfort.
May the Sun warm you and make you happy, and never blind you.
May the Earth be sound under your feet, and may your roads go ever on.
May the Sea be gentle, and carry you where you wish to go.
May the Wind be a gentle breeze that never leaves you becalmed.
I will not wish that you get everything you want, for those who have everything they want are often poor of heart, and that would be unkind.
I will wish that you get everything you need, and wish for your happiness and joy.
May your cup and your soul never be empty.
Safe journeys to you.

It seems that life is tragic at times... Yet when people speak of tragic things happening, it always seems that loss of life is brought up. Perhaps life isn't as tragic as we thought, and we need to look closely at what we have, not what we have lost. Yet for all this uplifting message... The Powers that be still seem to point out that we are both mortal and easily crushable from time to time. Maybe I need a change...

Confusion, Chaos, Destruction, My job is done here! (now where's my socks?)

Being a paladin sucks... too bad its not a choice

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The pages of time are waiting my friends, and the pen is in your hand.